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    Led asynchronous full-color control card H1 for Street light advertising

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    As the special design for street light advertising, H1 controller owns the features of bellowing:
    1.Integration 3G,Supporting remote control and management via Widows,Android and IOS system
    2.Supporting many types of communication interface like internet access, USB port, 3G and WIFI
    3.Supporting to connect several receiving cards D10 and the max brings 51200 pixels and the highest is 256 pixels.
    4.Gray level is 65536
    5.With a 4G storage, supporting to store more than 4 hours video playing
    6.Supporting USB sound card output audio interface,It is suggested that external active power amplifier device to get a much better effect
    7.Automatically brightness adjustment, real-time display temp and humidity
    8.The Screen Brighten Slowly to protect power
    9.Wide Range Voltage Input
    10.Delay Power-Off
    11.GPS Locating
    12.Locating Program Input


    The technical parameter of H1:


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