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    Sheen Color asynchronous control card T1 of general type

    【Product type】:

    【Product Feature】:

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    Product Information

    The advantages of T1 control system:

    Grayscale: 65536

    Faster sending: just takes 10 seconds to send a 10M file, is 100 times as the receiving plate storage

    Simple setting: not need to modify the IP, plug and play

    Big storage: 32GB is the 8 times of the peer. EMMC chip, not bad block, not flash spot

    Faster start: just takes 29 to get into the playing frame, the peer should take 60s

    The functions of T1

    1. Off-computer after typed in the contents, one main board and several receiving boards.

    2. The effect is as good as the main stream synchronous card, own the perfect playing effect

    3. It has complete display function dominated by videos , and supports images and words.

    4. It’s especially suitable for bar display, and the ultra-long or high length-width ratio is different from that of computer and TV display.

    5. It’s designed based on products. We don’t undertake the project and add special functions without permission, and give priority to the stability.

    6. We don’t’ work on the control of large LED, but focus on the low-cost and easily maintainable LED display.

    7. It isn’t the video-type asynchronization and has long memory of programs. It can collect the temperature and automatically adjust the brightness. 

    The technical parameter of T1:

    T1 Details showing of products and interface 


    Application fields:






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