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    SHENZHEN SHEEN COLOR ELECTRONIC TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD is a hi-tech enterprise specializing in the R&D, production and sales of LED full-color asynchronous control system and is the professional manufacturer of LED control system. Headquartered in Shenzhen, it has set up branches in Beijing and Shanghai. It’s devoted to the R&D of the LED control system with excellent property, cost performance and intelligence, and has successfully served tens of thousands of customers by rich practical experience and superior product quality.
    Our values are to create values for customers and reflect our values. Our vision is to promote the better LED full-color asynchronous control system, and exploit the potential market for the entire LED display industry.
    We own a senior R&D team of LED control system, possess rich experience and professional skills, stick to the concept of technical innovation, master the high technology in real time, and build more excellent products for LED industry. This time we own the products of universal control card, vehicle-mounted control card and WIFI wireless control card. They apply to vehicle-mounted or roadside advertising LED display, Community display, window advertising display and etc.
    At the same time of vigorously promoted the application area of led asynchronous full-color control system, Shenzhen Sheen Color will strengthen the R&D effort at the vehicle-mounted display control area. Focusing on the new plan of vehicle-mounted display, Sheen Color aims to make the most simple and easy-using vehicle-mounted control system. Sheen Color vehicle-mounted control system, on the basis of strengthening the function upgrade, lower cost, tried to achieve high-end application at low cost.
    Also, we had registered both Chinese and English trademarks, 熙彩通 (xi-cai-tong)and Sheen Color. Xi-cai-tong, xi means prosperity, cai means colorful and tong for communication. The whole word group means that we have a gorgeous effect of led advertising system, and build up relationship with all kinds of customers. The English trademark Sheen Color, in Chinese, Sheen has not only the same pronunciation but also similar meaning with xi. Sheen Color is corresponding to熙彩通 (xi-cai-tong), simple and catchy.
    In the future, Shenzhen Sheen Color, with a professional attitude, will make the greatest efforts to build a reliable leading brand of led vehicle-mounted advertising screen control system